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Our hands-on training provides lawyers and business professionals with a competitive advantage in the
legal and business marketplace. Engaging, focused, practical, and interactive, all trainings are customized
and designed to relate directly to the participants’ and firm’s objectives.

Available in one-hour or multi-hour segments, at a single location or across offices.

Representative Titles and Topics



Studies show that as much as 93%.of communication is nonverbal. That’s sobering news for professionals who rely on their verbal skills for success. This experiential workshop demonstrates how to activate effective and influential nonverbal cues—facial expressions, body language and vocal quality—to win over any audience, from potential clients to large groups.


WEBINAR PRESENTATION SKILLS TRAINING: The Structure, Content and Delivery of Successful Visual & Vocal Presentations

Webinars are all the rage. So how do you make sitting alone in your office, speaking to a computer, compelling and informative? This dynamic training covers structure, content, and visual and vocal delivery. Participants learn to organize content so that it is relevant and clear, integrate anecdotes and scenarios so that the webinar is engaging and holds the audience’s attention, moderate vocal tone so that they create connection with the audience, and use color, symbols, images and other visual aids to support learning and retention.


CREATING RAPPORT, TRUST AND LIKABILITY: Connecting with Clients and Being a Resource that Translates into Business

The data is in. When it comes to hiring–and rehiring—professional service providers, trust and likeability clinch the deal. Studies show that people make important financial decisions emotionally, not rationally. This program focuses on how to create meaningful, authentic connections that lead to business.

COLLABORATION & PRESENTATION: Skills for Collaborating & Presenting as Members of Project-Driven Teams

Knowing how to collaborate effectively and efficiently as a member of a project-driven team is one of the most important skills one can have in the professional world today. Just as crucial is the ability to generate informative and persuasive presentations – to speak powerfully, and to have sophisticated materials to support individual and team presentations. We train participants to do both. Professionals learn how to identify and articulate core issues, how to work positively and productively as a team as they strategize solutions to meaningful and persistent problems, and how to create impactful written and oral presentations that appeal to their stakeholders.

THE MEETING MEDDLERS: Successful Meeting Facilitation – How to Make Meetings Work

Every meeting has one. The interrupter. The complainer. The know-it-all. The nay-sayer. This interactive workshop illustrates how to mindfully master meeting meddlers, and turn meeting time into productive collaborations.

CHANGING ATTITUDES & ACTIONS: Persuasive Communication Skills

What is it that makes some people so much more persuasive than others? Are they simply gifted, or do they have special knowledge? Recent studies show that there are six influence principles that each of us can employ to make our communications and negotiations more fruitful and positive.

COMMUNICATION KEYS: Driving Connectivity and Profitability

What are the keys to attracting and retaining clients? This hands-on program takes participants from being stuck in the limitations of their expertise into the realm of expanded possibility by introducing them to tools for enhancing curiosity, asking powerful, open-ended questions, and learning to listen for what clients really want. Participants leave with tools that increase their personal satisfaction and the bottom line.


Be a Better Negotiator Have you ever wondered why we comply with requests we don’t really wish to fulfill? Or why some individuals seem able to effortlessly persuade others to cooperate or agree? This program reveals the primary persuasion and influence principles that guide our behavior and cause us to comply, and demonstrates how to incorporate this knowledge into your own negotiations.

DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST BAD DECISIONS: Cognitive Biases that Lead to Erroneous Conclusions

Today’s pressure-cooker environments accentuate our already innate tendencies cut cognitive corners. This session introduces participants to common cognitive biases—flaws in judgment—that prevent us from making well thought-out decisions. Participants will learn where they’re most prone to such errors in judgment, and leave the training with tools to avoid these thinking traps and make more desirable decisions.

STOP BLOCKING, START CONNECTING: The 8 Communication Blockers and Connectors – A Guide to Enhance Your Interactions with Clients and Colleagues

Though unintended, and often unconscious, we all communicate in ways that prevent us from being present and receptive in our professional interactions, interfering with our desired business objective to attract and retain clients. This experiential program provides participants with the know-how to identify these obstacles, and replace them with communication tools that enhance client engagement and retention. Participants will also be introduced to the most recent research on how to create connections that turn current clients into referral sources.

RIGHT v. RIGHT: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas and Managing Conflict

How many of us actively apply and align our values and principles with the practice of law? This practical program provides participants with a framework for identifying their individual values as well as the firm’s guiding moral principles. Participants are introduced to powerful paradigms that allow them to analyze daily dilemmas and walk away from this experiential session with resolution tools that aid them in making sound decisions.

FACING CHANGE AND CHALLENGE: Promoting Collaboration and Innovation in a Client-Driven Market

The market has changed in fundamental and dramatic ways since the 2008 recession, with a noticeable shift from a seller’s to a buyer’s market. This new landscape calls for organizations to adopt new strategies in order to deliver high quality and responsive services, and thrive. Participants will meet challenges head-on by developing innovative, collaborative efforts, and cross-selling services that ultimately keep and grow business that might otherwise go elsewhere, with the firm.

TOUGH TALKS: How to Have Difficult Conversations & Manage Challenging Situations

This thoughtful session offers solutions for engaging, rather than avoiding, challenging encounters with colleagues, clients, managers and leadership. With expert guidance through sensitive scenarios, participants understand how to avoid defensiveness, listen for meaning, recognize and diffuse emotional triggers, and deconstruct a difficult conversation.

TIME & MEMORY MANAGEMENT: Boost Your Productivity and Maximize Your Resources

It’s not so much about time, as it is about FOCUS. In this highly valuable seminar, participants are introduced to the latest brain science and learn to shift their counter-productive paradigms and habits. At the end of this session, participants are able to determine their values and priorities; design their month, week and day; avoid burnout and exhaustion; handle distractions; employ effective calendaring techniques; set up sound organizational systems; ensure that technology serves them (and not the other way around).

MANAGING UP, DOWN AND ALL AROUND: Successful Communication with Managers, Colleagues, Clients and Staff

An organization is a dynamic microcosm of human interaction. Superior cognitive performance alone does not guarantee an individual’s or an organization’s success. This program introduces participants to the 10 competencies that drive successful communication and effective management—listening, empathy, relatedness and curiosity, among them—and use them to increase personal satisfaction, and create a high performing organization.

GIVING & RECEIVING FEEDBACK: Effective Skills to Evaluate, Acknowledge and Motivate Co-Workers

This to-the-point seminar reveals the promise, potential, power and pitfalls of the performance review process. Participating managers develop an understanding of the profound impact feedback has on individual and team satisfaction, creativity, adaptation and retention.

IQ + EQ + SQ = Success: Enhancing Success with Emotional and Social Intelligence

By now, it’s common knowledge that a high IQ alone is not a predictor of success. Nor is EQ or SQ alone, the panacea. So what is the recipe for success? It turns out that success is driven by our ability to integrate all of our forms of intelligence: intellectual, emotional and social. This workshop trains your brain to harness and amplify each of these intelligences, and hone the attitudes and behaviors that lead to professional and personal satisfaction.

SAVE YOUR BRAIN: Using Neural Self-Hacking to Optimize Cognitive Performance

Law and business are cognitive professions, and require optimal cognitive performance for success. Yet recent research in neuroscience shows that the stresses that accompany these high performance professions, kill brain cells, impairing cognitive functioning. This program demonstrates the primary modes of neural self-hacking, the latest in cognitive fitness, to improve cognitive performance and increase the bottom line.