Attorney Marketing Support


Lawyers receive excellent legal training, but only a very few are trained as entrepreneurs. Yet entrepreneurial skills are those that are required to grow and develop a clientele.  Until entrepreneurship becomes an integral part of legal training, lawyers have to rely on their innate business skills, and marketing support resources, to build their businesses.

Attorney marketing and business development approaches are as varied as the individuals executing them.

Organic Communication’s research-based approach facilitates lawyer success by training attorneys to design a plan that aligns their values with their professional and personal goals.


Organic Communication’s one-hour Marketing Support Program introduces participants to the latest research on lawyers and success, and gives them the opportunity to apply those findings to the development of their business plans. This program is grounded in human behavioral and communication research, designed to align the attorneys’ client development plan with their practice and personality.



The Organic Communication Attorney Marketing Plan Template
susses out each individual’s motivations, values, strengths and
desired outcomes.

The template has three primary sections:

·       The Why of an Actionable Marketing Plan

·       The Who of an Actionable Marketing Plan

·       The How of an Actionable Marketing Plan



Given the individual nature of a marketing and business development plan that is intertwined with each attorney’s values, personal goals and practice objectives, individualized follow-up marketing coaching support is available.  Attorneys who participate in the one-hour program receive a discounted rate.