Fatherly (Career) Advice

I was at a beautiful coming-of-age celebration this past weekend where one of the most memorable moments was when the father of the woman-to-be shared his words of hope and wisdom for her with the party guests. As I listened to his inspiring advice, I found his message to his daughter to be resonant and…

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How…and When…to Take a Stand

Right now, this minute ask yourself: What do I stand for? What matters most to me that would give me the moral courage to speak up? Sometimes, it’s easier to answer with the opposite in mind. Fill out the blanks below: Without ________________ life would suck. Without ________________ life would suck. Without ________________ life would…

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START EMPATHIZING…and remind people that they’re not alone

As we enter this harried, crazed — but also wonderfully sweet season — a reminder to raise our awareness of others and increase our ability to connect and empathize. A short segment from my upcoming book: Connector #8: EMPATHIZING Acknowledges the other person’s emotion Offers compassion Communicates with sensitivity and respect There is a fundamental…

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