It’s Not Smart to Make Others Feel Stupid

I sometimes hear about “brilliant rain-makers” who “don’t suffer fools.” These are smart lawyers and executives who behave intellectually superior and are intolerant of others’ “stupidity.” They finish other people’s sentences, know what others are trying to do and say, hate to be bothered and don’t like their time wasted. What their colleagues or clients might…

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Do You Elevate or Escalate?

The unfortunate has happened: Your client is angry, your boss is disappointed, your colleagues are uncooperative, your kid’s teacher sends you an irate email, your spouse is annoyed with you, and your mother guilt-trips you. Hopefully not all at the same time. But on any given day, situations happen and conflict shows up. What do…

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Un-Divide Your Attention

Muti-tasking is thankfully becoming a negative term in enlightened, evolved leadership circles. Unfortunately, these circles make up a mere 20% of workplaces. The majority of organizations still revere the so-called multi-tasking “skill,” falsely believing it leads to accomplishment and efficiency. You can’t be a detail-oriented multi-tasker. You’ve observed and participated in this environment many times…

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Ditch the Problem-Solving Approach

It’s a familiar scenario. Your client, your colleague, your boss, your spouse, your kid — comes to you with a perceived problem. An issue keeps coming up that needs resolution, something’s troubling them, they can’t seem to break a problematic pattern. What do you do? If you’re like most well-intentioned, time-stressed people, you’ll try to…

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Defend Yourself Against Bad Year-End Decisions

Year-end and holiday activities are making everyone in the office a tad bit crazy. The pressure cooker environment and the increasingly complex daily life demands we find ourselves dealing with lead us to erroneous actions and wrongheaded decisions. Cognitive overload and an accelerating pace deprive us of the calm conditions we crave to make calculated…

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