We offer individualized coaching to build and enhance the communication, management and leadership skills of lawyers and business professionals.

Our coaches are experts in social and emotional intelligence, presentation, persuasion and interpersonal communication skills.

Using our Coaching Compass ™ to drive connectivity and profitability, we work with individuals to improve their relationships with their managers, colleagues, staff and clients.

Lawyers who have worked with Organic Communication have the following to say:

“Kudos to you and your team. Today’s lecture was really fantastic. Practical, entertaining, educational and informative. I would love for us to get “part 2” to delve into these skills even more. Much appreciated!”

Richard Ormond, Shareholder, BuchalterNemer, A Professional Corporation

“One of the more useful presentations I’ve attended at the firm.”

Brian Harvey, BuchalterNemer, A Professional Corporation

“Your understanding of the legal field and creative suggestions to bridge “client management” and “internal management” conflicts have been invaluable…you understand the challenges of incorporating certain management techniques in a law firm or law department atmosphere. That knowledge, combined with your sensitivity and focus on authenticity, make you an ideal partner for anyone seeking to be more effective in managing others.”
Monica Shilling, Attorney, Proskauer
Proskauer, Monica Shilling

“…With your assistance, I have embarked on a journey of becoming a business developer and I have very quickly established a stable of high caliber clients. Without you, I would have had neither the skills nor the confidence to make this leap. I practice the lessons you have passed on to me every day, and I can see the benefits of effective communication with everyone I work with, from clients to colleagues…”
Raj Tanden, Attorney, Foley and Lardner