Communication and Connection Bootcamp

Ensure team engagement and skill building in this critical time.

1. Create and Maintain Team Connection

  • Elevate employee engagement and empathy
  • Drive meaningful dialogue and participation
  • Enhance the team’s relationships and results

2. Professional Presence in a Virtual Environment

  • Recognize virtual meeting pitfalls (roles and goals) and uncover solutions
  • Master clarity, connection, engagement and self-management strategies
  • Adopt tips, tricks and tools to run and participate in virtual meetings with confidence

3. Stop Blocking, Start Connecting: Enhance Interpersonal Communication

  • Identify eight common obstacles – the communication blockers – and replace them with eight communication connectors
  • Improve professional and personal relationships
  • Prevent/preempt misunderstandings and conflicts

4. Elevate Motivation and Morale

  • Drive desire and discipline to achieve results
  • Win the feedback conversation; acknowledge wins and improve outcomes
  • Collaborate on tasks and projects with positivity and productivity strengths

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