Lawyers often tell us that they wish they would have paid more attention in their college communication courses, now that they’re in the position to manage people and relationships, which go hand-in-hand with litigating cases and negotiating deals.

Our individual coaching, customizable workshops, engaging presentations and partners’ retreats respond to this need for stronger communication and management skills in an increasingly stressful legal environment.


Individual Coaching:oc.Compass-Handoutweb_02

These private 1-hour sessions are generally held twice per month with individual attorneys at their firms for a minimum of a three-six month coaching period.

Please refer to our {Organic Communication Compass™} for a more extensive list of the communication and management skills training we offer. We look forward to your call to discuss your needs and our coaching fees.

Workshops & Presentations:

These 60-90 minute seminars for groups of 10-100 participants are engaging, interactive and filled with irresistible information, the latest brain science and “how to” steps for achieving success in a format that is easy for the busy attorney to immediately put to good use.

We are also able to customize a program that is tailored to your specific needs.
We look forward to your call to discuss your needs and our presentation and workshop fees.