Interpersonal Communication
Improve your professional and personal relationships by increasing your emotional intelligence and awareness of how others see and hear you.

Persuasive Communication
Become effective, influential and memorable in your interactions with others. Approach negotiations with confidence and skill. Move individuals and audiences toward an intended action through appeals to logic, emotion and character.

Cross-Cultural Communication
Overcome barriers to effective communication. Become more skillful in cross-cultural situations by recognizing your blind spots and those of your organization/culture.

Meeting Facilitation
Lead efficient and energizing meetings by inspiring active participation in decision-making. Learn how to draw out the best in colleagues and coworkers by building trust and consensus.

Presentation Skills
Build public speaking confidence by learing how to effectively structure and deliver presentations. Cater your talks to a variety of audiences and occasions. Integrate visual aids and technologies for maximum impact.

Gain experience in having personal and professional interactions that are authentic, engaging and rewarding. Learn how to become a powerful ally for the business and career growth of colleagues. Acquire strategies for effective follow-up.

Conflict Resolution
Make requests based on the needs, interests and concerns that underlie disagreements. Learn creative problem-solving strategies. Develop your ability to empathize and view situations through multiple perspectives.