Non-Profit Board of Directors and Staff Retreats

We build teams – we don’t “team build.”

Our expert retreat facilitators create meaningful opportunities for people to think together and collaborate effectively. Our sessions build connection, inspire creativity, enable clarity and drive commitment. Staff and Board Members leave the retreat with a greater sense of purpose and passion for their cause.

We deliver what your Staff and Board need and want.

We plan retreats that are specifically catered to the attending staff and/or board of directors. We find out from your organization’s management and board members what they’d like to learn and accomplish during the retreat. Your retreat will be designed with the outcomes your organization desires – by matching your needs with our expertise.

Our Non-Profit Board-of-Directors and/or Staff retreats focus on four themes:


We begin our retreats by getting staff and/or board members to connect with each other personally and professionally. We set the stage for collaboration and networking that then allows for greater appreciation, understanding and meaningful engagement with colleagues. We plant the seeds for innovative partnerships and collaborative efforts. Staff and/or board members emerge with an identification of common goals and whole-organization camaraderie. By sharing the kinds of clients they serve and types of work they do, participants discover ways to add value to existing relationships and to act as resources to their colleagues and their clients.


There are thousands of non-profit organizations competing for the same grants and aiming to serve similar needs. We show your organization how to go beyond competing with other non-profits – to compete with possibility. We facilitate thought-provoking activities and engaging conversations that challenge old ways of thinking and traditional business models. Staff and board members go back to their organizations with ideas and strategies to develop innovative partnerships and collaborative efforts by building an enterprise culture. They emerge with the knowledge and will to try new and creative ways to deliver the high quality and responsive services that meet their clients’ and communities’ needs, using effective business models that serve both financial objectives and organizational values.


Sustaining a high-performing non-profit organization starts with clarity. Clarity about what’s happening now and clarity about what the organization wants next. Navigating successfully from “now” to “next” is the collective responsibility of the team’s management and its board of directors. We facilitate conversations that elucidate and demystify your team’s opportunities and obstacles for sustainability and success. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? Who needs to be on board to accomplish your objectives and goals? What are the very real challenges and threats you face and what must you do to overcome them? What are key players’ roles and responsibilities in driving positive and productive long-term change? Staff and board members will leave the retreat with a strategic focus and plan to move forward towards excellence.


A great outcome of our non-profit retreats is that attending staff and board members emerge with a strong sense of commitment. Commitment is a two-sided coin, with the organization’s culture on one side (internal commitment) and client service on the other (external commitment). Participants in our retreats deepen their commitment to advancing their non-profit’s collaborative and innovative mission and goals while simultaneously committing to focus on a primary result: high-quality service for their cause, communities and clients.