We here at Organic Communication
are committed to diversity and inclusivity.

Wait a minute! What does that even mean? Diversity catchphrases are promulgated on websites and brochures of companies, law firms, nonprofits, and organizations, but the true meaning of these words and the intention of the organization toward equity may be lost.

Organic Communication can help your organization fine tune its mission and vision statements regarding inclusion and equity, so that your organization’s leadership sets realistic goals that can be operationalized and realized by your entire team. In addition, we provide Equity Learning Sessions (ELS) that fuse theoretical and practical skills in one-hour-long interactive experiences that raise awareness and create cohesiveness. In these sessions, we work to unpack power, privilege and oppression, teach inclusive language skills, explore different identities that affect the personal and professional worlds, and address how current issues in the news affect work place climates, just to name of few.

The workplace can be a complex crossroads where people from different races, genders, ages, sexual orientations, ability levels, political beliefs, spirituality backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses come together. So how do you make your organization work smoothly with all of these differences, while also honoring your “diversity and inclusivity” vision statement? Don’t worry, let our Organic Communication team work with your organization to align equity statements with inclusivity realities.