What We Do

We bring our expertise in communication, business development, performance goals and strategies directly to executives and managers in their places of work. We help individuals increase their sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge and provide them with insight, skills and tools to manage staff and accomplish professional outcomes.

Who We Work With

Our current clients are executives and managers in law, aerospace, high tech, finance and public affairs. We have coached and consulted across all sectors, including business, media, labor, nonprofit, government, health care, politics and academia. We work with individuals in corporate and nonprofit settings who are highly intelligent and productive and who are ready to increase their level of social and relational intelligence in order to achieve organizational goals.

How We Do It

We privately coach executives and managers on a bi/trimonthly basis at their place of work. We schedule between two and three 1-hour coaching sessions per month and use this time to talk through real-life scenarios and dilemmas. Using leadership, communication and organizational development science and practice, we take our clients through a multi-frame, multi-perspective discussion/analysis that provides them with effective and creative resolutions and ideas.

Executive Coaching Outcomes

Executives and managers who engage in our executive coaching are able to:

  1. Identify leadership and communication styles and strengths;
  2. Recognize blind spots and barriers to effective communication;
  3. Approach professional problems and dilemmas from multiple perspectives;
  4. Manage their feelings and needs and those of others;
  5. Speak with assertiveness;
  6. Listen with empathy;
  7. Persuade and influence;
  8. Originate and generate desired outcomes; and
  9. Resolve conflict respectfully

For more information about our Executive Coaching programs, contact 818-212-9196 or send us an email.