February 10, 2014

Law Firm Coaching and Consulting

Organic Communication specializes in providing coaching and consulting services to attorneys, law firm executives and law firms.

Lee K. Broekman is an expert in teaching communication and management skills and works with individuals and teams in the legal community to:

  • Develop business and build relationships
  • Manage profitable practices and positive personnel
  • Manage time and stress
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Connect with juries
  • Make powerful and persuasive presentations to clients
  • Communicate information with clarity and confidence
  • Advance career opportunities and trajectories
Lawyers who have worked with Lee have the following to say:

“With your assistance, I have embarked on a journey of becoming a business developer and I have very quickly established a stable of high caliber clients.”

“Without you, I would have had neither the skills nor the confidence…I practice the lessons you have passed on to me every day, and I can see the benefits of effective communication with everyone I work with, from clients to colleagues.”

“Your understanding of the legal field and creative suggestions to bridge client management and internal management conflicts have been invaluable.”

“You understand the challenges of incorporating certain management techniques in a law firm or law department atmosphere.”

“Your knowledge, combined with your sensitivity and focus on authenticity, make you an ideal partner for anyone seeking to be more effective in managing others.”

“Thank you again for putting on an excellent event. By far, it was one of the best events I’ve been to in my career as an attorney.”


Lee K. Broekman is a communication professor, business consultant, and an executive coach to the legal and business communities. She is the owner and founder of Organic Communication (www.OrganicComm.com), which specializes in providing coaching and consulting services to lawyers and law firms. As a frequent lecturer in legal and business gatherings, she speaks on topics of building rewarding relationships, communicating with clarity and confidence, managing people and projects, and creating positive and productive work environments. Broekman has taught at the Annenberg School for Communication and Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, and guest teaches at the UCLA School of Law.