June 9, 2015

Play a Winning Game: Collaborate


Competition is a powerful driving force. Much of the game of life, as we’ve set it up, is based on win-lose scenarios fueled by competitive mindsets and behaviors. Nothing wrong with this — only problem is if we don’t evolve past this level.

To play a bigger game — a winning game — requires strategic alliances and collaborative partnerships. People who collaborate tend to have a perspective of abundance, not one of scarcity. They’ve managed to expand their vision and disband their limitations. They imagine possibility and innovate courses of action.

How do you go from a competitive level to a collaborative level?


1. Share values – Align yourself with people who care about the same principles.
2. Separate skills – Team up with people who have different talents and expertise.
3. Be a resource – Give support that will allow others to succeed and prosper.
4. Share ideas – Tell others what you’re up to, what you’ve tried and tested.
5. Discuss clients – Form alliances with those who are approaching similar clients.
6. Give feedback – Empower others to be better and provide references to clients.
7. Ask questions – Find out what clients and colleagues need and want. Listen.
8. Win together – Celebrate joint successes and confidently share earnings.