What We Do

We design and facilitate on-site and off-site staff development seminars that are highly engaging, insightful, challenging, meaningful…and fun! We are experts in leading energizing annual staff retreats and have ready-to-go or custom-tailored programs.

Who We Work With

We lead staff development seminars and retreats for law firms, aerospace agencies, chambers of commerce, nonprofit organizations, health care providers, colleges and universities, and other institutions and organizations who are looking to learn and connect as a group.

How We Do It

We lead ½-day, 1-day or 2-day seminars power-packed with practical, experiential exercises that are designed to improve morale and increase your staff members’ level of interpersonal intelligence. Your organization coordinates the location, meals, etc. and we provide all the training materials and facilitate the seminar activities.

Staff Development Outcomes

Staff members who engage in our staff development seminars and retreats:

  1. Get to know each other and develop greater familiarity;
  2. Explore individual and team roles, values, talents, skills and strengths across divisions;
  3. Identify ways to seek and offer help;
  4. Create positive and productive alliances;
  5. Elevate relationships;
  6. Develop strategies for alignment and cohesiveness;
  7. Increase awareness of opportunities to collaborate and connect; and
  8. Celebrate success and acknowledge accomplishments

For more information about our Executive Coaching programs, contact 818-212-9196 or send us an email.