Strategic Planning

Experience an empowering half-day, one-day or multi-day strategic planning retreat with your leadership team that culminates in actionable and measurable outcomes.

  • building a solid foundation for moving forward on past accomplishments,

  • a deep dive into goal setting that includes prioritization and action plans, and

  • a methodology for anticipating challenges, accompanied by strategic solutions.


Prior to your retreat, your desired goals and outcomes are identified, then used to form the foundation for the retreat agenda.


Following the retreat planning discussion, we map out the structure of the retreat, which may include relevant research-based collaborative exercises and facilitated team discussion.


Our experienced facilitators lead the strategic planning retreat from beginning to end, including laying the foundation for the day, clarifying the day’s goals and desired outcomes, establishing the process for brainstorming, strategizing, and feedback, facilitating collaborative leadership training, and guiding the team toward completion of its actionable strategic plan.


A post-retreat report includes retreat notes, action plan moving forward, next steps, and any other relevant elements from the retreat to guide the leadership team.

Sample Leadership Team Retreat Agenda

Introduction, Rules of Engagement, Opening

Part 1: Prior Accomplishments—Building on What’s Worked

Part 2: Goals and Prioritization

Part 3: Challenges:
…..Imagining the Unexpected
…..Planning for Black Swan Events
…..Moving From Strategic Destruction to Strategic Planning

Part 4: Collaborative Leadership/Creating a Positive, Productive Culture

Part 5: Finalizing the Plan, Establishing Commitments