Strengths Portrait


Strengths Portrait™

Our most common behaviors are the strengths we use to navigate situations with other people, whether that’s in a one-on-one conversation with a co-worker, a team meeting, or while interacting with an important client. The Strengths Portrait provides an accurate picture of how we prioritize those strengths, and this helps us better pick the right strengths for any given situation.

The Narrative of Strengths

The Strengths Portrait tells a story of 28 strengths, or behaviors, that people value and commonly use when they interact with each other. The assessment provides an opportunity to rank the 28 strengths to produce a picture of a person’s most and least important ways of relating to other people. This sets the stage for understanding how using different behaviors can help achieve better results.

The strengths measured for this portrait aren’t technical skills, but the actions people choose when trying to reach a goal for themselves, others, and their organization.
Ranking the 28 different behaviors provides a snapshot of how people apply their strengths when interacting with others. People who share similar SDI results often prioritize their strengths differently. The portrait helps people understand that even though we may be motivated by the same things, we often use different behaviors to reach our intended outcomes. It helps people explore the connections between their motives and how they choose their strengths when working with others.

People tend to rely on the strengths they prioritize at the top of their portrait and avoid the ones they place at the bottom. This can lead to using strengths that aren’t effective or to overusing certain strengths, which often is counter-productive and can lead to conflict.

The Strengths Portrait is an ideal tool for defining individual strengths and for defining the strengths of a team or group culture. Along with the SDI, it enables people to personally reflect on the behaviors they use and the choices they make. By creating a picture of how they relate to others who are in their circles of influence, they make effective changes as they acquire new skills, insights, and perspectives.

Paper or Digital Versions

The Strengths Portrait is available online or in paper versions. The paper editions are not tech dependent for the participants, can be scored by a facilitator at an event, and can be easily uploaded to produce paper or online reports.

The assessment produces a three-page report for the facilitator summarizing the results of the class and a 15-page personalized report for the participant that provides an overview of the results and key concepts, along with insights and information specific to the participant’s results.

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Strengths Portrait

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