July 7, 2015

Success Secret: Detached Involvement


One of the most powerful personal and professional tools for successful living is the consistent practice of detached involvement. Focusing on the process, and not on the outcome, is difficult for many of us. That’s because we tend to be future-focused rather than presently involved. Whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish and achieve, we’re often hurrying to see the results, and we want them quickly and our way.

Control, however, is illusory. Detached involvement means doing our best and letting go. If you’ve proposed a plan at the office, started a project with your team, offered your services to a prospective client, applied for a position, etc., know that there are many factors at work and give them time and space to materialize.

Practice detached involvement. This means that we keep our emotional distance while staying intellectually engaged.

While seemingly contradictory, the practice of detached involvement produces harmony and balance. If we look to nature, plants and animals don’t try to rush the seasons and accelerate their growth. At the same time, they’re not careless and complacent. They’re highly involved in nesting, charging, lumbering, fluttering, swinging, flying, swimming, blooming, blossoming, rooting, germinating, sprouting, yielding, etc. They’re busily and presently involved with activities that produce important survival outcomes, but are completely detached from fretting and worrying about future results.

By freeing ourselves from the futile task of controlling how things will turn out, we can tap into greater energy reserves and resources that will bring out our best efforts in the moment. And that is one of the greatest secrets to achieving success.

Lee Broekman is an author, professor, trainer and coach. Her company Organic Communication, brings interactive, never boring, always edifying presentations and programs — focused on communication, collaboration and innovation — to your firm or organization. A frequent speaker in national conferences and business gatherings, she coaches Am Law 100 law firm leaders and senior managers of Fortune 1000 companies and  shows executives and professionals how to enhance interactions, increase productivity, innovate service and adopt smart strategies.

Lee is the author of “Stop Blocking, Start Connecting: 8 Key Skills of Successful Communicators” available on Amazon.

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