Training & Coaching

1:1 Coaching

“There’s a tool for that”

We offer 1:1 coaching sessions that address individual communication and leadership goals and challenges. Participating professionals bring specific or upcoming projects, scenarios, meetings, presentations, etc. to their sessions and walk away with actionable skills and tools to elevate their relationships and results.

Training & Team Building

Organic Communication’s dynamic workshops are designed to provide participants with the skills they need to think strategically, lead collaboratively and perform effectively to elevate engagement in organizations.

We deliver timely and tailored training programs that can be delivered in a variety of formats: full-day, half-day, 2-hour, 90-minute or 1-hour sessions.

Workshop Name

Organic Coach Training Program©


A 5-session certificate program (20 hours) for people managers to develop critical coaching competencies, mindsets, skills and tools. Organic Communication’s tailored content and on-site availability provide organizations and their employees the partnership they need to become effective leader-coaches.

Communication Essentials:
Listening & Nonverbal Skills

Master the top two skills of effective communicators by listening as an ally and using positive body language to connect and align with different audiences.

Professional Presence

Employ key skills to enhance relationships and achieve results. Improve confidence and elevate conversations to produce positive outcomes.

Leadership Engagement

Increase successful engagement by contributing value and talent to teams with individual strengths. Build awareness of beliefs and behaviors that help or hinder situations.

Stop Blocking, Start Connecting

Identify eight common obstacles – the communication blockers – and replace them with connectors, using communication tools that enhance meaningful business and social relationships.

De-Escalating Conflict

Recognize conflict triggers and have critical, collaborative problem-solving conversations to analyze, assert and accommodate accordingly.

Hocus Focus!

Learn how to avoid distractions that lead us to cut cognitive corners and make poor decisions. Become aware of the negative impact caused by our compromised thinking and counter-productive habits. Improve time management to enhance performance, focus and fulfillment.

The Meeting Meddlers

Facilitate positive and productive meetings. Contribute and engage effectively in results-driven, relationship-building meetings.

Career Conversations

Engage in meaningful conversations that cultivate growth and challenge, build skills and align values and talent with work.

Communicating with Clarity And Confidence

Use a variety of listening and speaking skills in different rhetorical situations. Express expectations with positive intent. Moderate vocal quality, facial expression and body language to convey a desired emotion.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Recognize the power, understand the purpose and avoid the pitfalls of feedback conversations. Improve the review process by coaching, appreciating and evaluating effectively.

Presenting with Purpose

Develop strong presentation skills, which include introducing, informing and persuading with clear structure, relevant content and confident delivery. Speak credibly and compellingly in various rhetorical situations.

Defend Yourself Against Bad Decisions

Identify cognitive and unconscious bias as well as flaws in judgment that get in the way of well thought-out choices. Avoid thinking traps and make desirable decisions.

Right v. Right: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

Analyze daily dilemmas with reasoning paradigms and resolution principles that lead to morally courageous choices and sound decisions.

Facing Change And Challenge

Adopt new strategies to respond to changing leadership, priorities, resources and needs. Make incremental changes to create innovative shifts. Adopt a growth mindset and productive habits.

How The Medium Changes The Message

Communicate compellingly in the age of digital distraction and information overload. Use the four main communication channels – phone, print, person and panel – advantageously.

Creating Collaborative Cultures

Elevate performance and increase cooperation by breaking silos and building alliances. Complement skills and strengths by developing relational awareness with co-workers.

Strategic Thinking And Planning

Develop actionable and measurable outcomes, build on past accomplishments, anticipate challenges and make sound business decisions by assuming multiple positions and perspectives.

Negotiating With Confidence

Win over any audience by creating trust and rapport and establishing common ground. Employ influence principles that persuade others to cooperate towards mutually desired outcomes.

Living An Integrated Life

Improve professional performance and increase personal satisfaction by creating greater balance and flow in work and in life.